Cast the problem into God's hands and trust that a solution will arise. ~ Joel Osteen

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Cast the problem into God’s hands and trust that a solution will arise. ~ Joel Osteen

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9 Comments on Spiritual Quote – Joel Osteen

  1. Ruth Ngina says:

    Praise God Pastor Joel Osteen i have been so much encourage by the word you pass across, God is so Faithful to have a great man of God like you.I have been going through my friends qoutes in friends yahoo and woul like to kindly ask if i can be getting the spiritual quotes on my yahoomail.(

  2. Rose Perez says:

    Please send me your daily verse

  3. barnetta says:

    you are a man that has a awesome joy that the world didn’t give you.its the joy of the lord.i enjoy seeing you encourage people all over the world with that joy.

  4. Anne Embretson says:


  5. sifa katiwa says:

    I want to be receiving daily bible verses

  6. james says:


  7. Laura Rodriguez says:

    I want to be receiving the daily verses

    • Hannah Mayes says:

      Thank you for your support. I will resume posting on a regular basis and you can receive the entries by submitting you email address.

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