I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. ~ Jesus (Matthew 28:20)

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I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. ~ Jesus (Matthew 28:20)

Flower: Rose in multi shades of pink

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8 Comments on Bible Verse – Matthew 28:20

  1. Wayne says:

    I was wondering something, how did you get one of my pictures, its the rose with multi colors of pink. I Love the saying that you added to it, I was just wondering how you got it.


    • Hannah Mayes says:

      Thank you for your comment, Wayne. Actually this particular photo of the rose was taken in the front yard of my cousin’s home. Multi-colored roses are always so beautiful and and one of my favorite blossoms to photograph. I would also love to see your similar photo sometime.

  2. Tammy says:

    What a wonderful site! I have told many friends of this site,I enjoy flowers and I Love God and his word Thank you for this beautiful combination! what an Awesome way to see the beauty
    of the word and creation. Good Job!!

    • Hannah Mayes says:

      Thank you so very much for your kind words. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you share the joy of being surrounded by God’s awesome, beautiful creation!!!

    • Hannah Mayes says:

      Thank you Tammy for your encouraging words of support. What an awesome way indeed to see God’s magnificent creation!!

  3. Charmaine says:

    Your side is so uplifting especially when I am feeling down. The words and the Roses just inspire me each time I go on your side. Keep up the good work God bless!

    • Hannah Mayes says:

      Thank you very much. I am so glad that my desire to impact your day in a positive way is fulfilled. May God’s gracious hand be upon you through every trial and may you find relief, peace and calm in His loving arms.

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